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  • Nikki & Kenny Wedding at One Eleven East

    Kenny wanted to write a fun song that his bride could dance to. At the time, he hated to dance. This was the song that he wrote and they used it to open up the dance floor. It was a surprise to all of their guests and they both danced all night.

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  • About Me

    I love music. It is my passion.

    Since 2008 - Austin, TX

    I love music. It is truly one of my passions. I began DJ'ing in 2008 at parties for friends, at bars in downtown Austin, and then eventually weddings. I received such positive feedback from the couples that I decided to focus on weddings!

    My service is unique for weddings because I mix live with turntables. I beat-match songs and transition between them seamlessly to help keep your dance floor moving! Depending on the genres of music, beat-matching songs and mixing live helps keep your dance floor engaged, versus playing a song from start to finish at random like an iPod. I do my very best to read the dance floor and mix a variety of music based on your guests' response. I enjoy all music and have DJ'd and MC'd over 1000 different types of weddings and events. My goal is for you and your guests to have a fun and stress-free event!

  • What to expect

    Lone Oak Barn Wedding DJ - Round Rock, TX


    Worry Free Event

    A positive attitude and a smile. I love what I do! I typically arrive 2-3 hours before the event to setup and sound check. I won't be drinking alcohol during your event. I can wear a formal tuxedo, a navy blue or black suit, semi-formal shirt & tie, boots & jeans, or anything to coordinate with your event. I will work closely with any vendors or coordinators you may have to make clear announcements and help keep your event on schedule. Need to time your bridal entrance just right to your song? I have two-way professional in-ear radios to communicate with your coordinator to make sure you walk in to the specific second of your song. I am fully insured for any venue. I prepare your music preferences and announcements ahead of time to make sure everything runs smoothly. I use the form below to make your event worry free!

    Click here to Download The DJ Informational Form for: Weddings

    Click here to Download The DJ Informational Form for: Parties and Events

    Google Forms version of DJ Informational Form for: Weddings

    Canyonwood Ridge Wedding - Dripping Springs, TX


    Everything You Need

    All wedding packages include:

    - Customized live music mixing, seamless transitions, and DJ'ing with turntables based on you and your guests' music preferences

    - Consultation via phone or in-person

    - 3 professional sound systems: 1 for the ceremony, 1 for cocktail hour & 1 for the reception to keep music playing throughout your wedding

    - Pre-ceremony background music for when guests begin to arrive

    - 1 wireless lapel microphone for the officiant so guests can hear your special ceremony

    - 1 additional wireless lapel microphone so guests can hear the couple's vows

    - 1 wireless speaker setup to have music playing in multiple areas of your venue

    - 1 wireless handheld microphone for toasts and/or readings during the ceremony

    - Emcee for clear announcements such as bride & groom introductions, wedding party introductions, upcoming toasts, cake cutting, etc.

    - You and your guests' favorite songs, artists, and genres are incorporated for the ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner, and dancing

    - Standard DJ lighting for the dance floor

    - Optional Uplighting, custom Gobo Monogram Light, Pattern Projection Lighting, and Pinspot Lighting

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    Smooth Transitions and Live Music Mixing

    Real DJ'ing with Turntables

    Every event is different. I never go into an event with a predetermined playlist. I spend a lot of time setting cue points and preparing music beforehand so I can be ready to read the dance floor and mix the music live based on your guests' response. The music is blended with your favorite songs, artists, and genres to keep your dance floor moving! I can play music from every genre including: Top 40 Hits, Pop Hits, Hip-Hop, 90’s Hip-Hop, 2000’s Hip-Hop, 2010's Hip-Hop, 2020's Hip-Hop, Texas Country, Modern Country, 90's Country, Classic Country, Dance (EDM), Classic Oldies, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, Classic Rock, Big Band/Swing, Jazz, R&B, 90's R&B, Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, Bachata, Tejano, Reggaeton

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    Professional Equipment and Sound


    I use some of the best equipment in the industry including: Macbook Pro i7, Rane SEVENTY-TWO 2-Channel Mixer, Rane TWELVE Turntables, Yorkville 15" subwoofer, Yamaha MSR400 PA Speakers, Shure Wireless Microphone, Sennheiser XSW 12-A XS Wireless Lapel Microphones, Chauvet DJ Freedom Par Hex-4 RGBAW+UV Uplights, Chauvet DJ Freedom H1 X4 Wash Lights, and Eternal Lighting UltraPin spot Lights. I only purchase the highest quality music files available from Amazon Music for clean sound and the most up-to-date library.

    Prospect House Wedding DJ

    Clean Setup

    Neat Presentation

    I understand your event is important and presentation is everything. I always do my best to conceal cables around the DJ table and keep them out of sight. I use single base speaker stands instead of the common black tripod stands that take up a lot of space. Single base speaker stands provide a cleaner and more professional look. I have black, white, or ivory speaker stands/speakers for a seamless look. My subwoofer is concealed under the DJ table so it is not visible and unsightly. Subwoofers are typically large and unsightly. I secure the speaker wires on my speaker poles with matching speaker wire and velcro so the wires are not hanging loosely. I use battery powered wireless uplights so there are no cables running along the baseboards of your venue. I have three custom-built uplighting covers to conceal your uplights along the walls for a clean appearance. Most uplighting companies do not offer covers for the lights. The uplighting covers come in white, ivory, or natural pine. I bring my own 6 ft table with linen! There are 4 colors to choose from for the table linen: Black, White, Ivory, or Tan. I use a matching table runner to conceal the cables on top of the DJ table so they are not visible during your reception! I can also use an optional custom color table linen to match your table linens. I bring a travel steamer with me and do my best to eliminate any wrinkles from the front of my table linen. For outdoor ceremonies, I use green & tan colored extension cords to blend in with the surroundings, instead of bright orange or yellow extension cords.

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    Electronic Booking & Payments

    Convenience That Will Save You Time

    To reserve your date, I simply email a two page contract for you to read over, initial, digitally sign, and send back with 50% deposit. Electronic debit or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover) payments are accepted through Square. You can also pay with Apple Pay or Google Pay through Square. I will email you an electronic invoice to input your payment information safely and securely. You will receive a paid confirmation receipt once your payment is received. I understand some events are coordinated from out of town so I am happy to work with you and your venue to make planning a breeze! If you prefer, payments by check are also accepted. Don't have checks? Most banks offer a free online bill pay service that will mail a postage paid check for free!

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    Keedra & David

    Camp Lucy

    Dripping Springs, TX

    Couldn't have been better!!


    Brian recently DJ'd my wedding at Camp Lucy and he was absolutely wonderful. His pricing unbeatable, and throughout the entire planning process I noticed how organized and attentive he was. Brian took the time to answer any questions I had and spoke directly to me over the phone several times. As far as the actual wedding, Brian did an excellent job keeping guests entertained and on the dance floor. Brian is also a fun, genuine person I guarantee you will enjoy working with. I highly recommend DJ Brian Weber. He's the best there is!!

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    Caroline & Ian

    Vintage Villas

    Austin, TX

    Brian was by far the easiest person of our vendors to work with. We did up lighting, our logo and music with him. With Brian's prices on what he offered for the entire package, we would have been dumb not to go with him. We booked Brian really early in our wedding planning and he immediately wanted to meet us at the venue to go over everything. Unfortunately, with timing we never got to meet early but the fact that he wanted to meet so early to get everything perfect was beyond belief. Most vendors only want to meet a couple months before because they're too busy doing other things, but Brian provided that world class support from day one.

    I was a little nervous at first around our up lighting and our logo because I saw how the lighting companies could "work magic" at my specific venue so thought the only way to get that look was to spend thousands of dollars on just up lighting. Brian ensured me that his up lighting would look just as good and boy was he wrong, IT LOOKED BETTER! Brian asked me to send an image of the logo we wanted to use but also offered premade images as well. We found one online that I liked and he was excited to use it. A few months before our wedding, he DJ'd at our venue and was able to snap a picture of our specific logo up and ready to go. That's when I officially started getting excited for the wedding. It looked fantastic with his equipment! Brian meet with us a few days before the wedding to go through everything at the venue, he demonstrated the lighting, our logo and where he would be for the DJ. I don't think I was officially excited until I saw all of the pieces go together from him. He let us play with the lighting until we found the exact color we wanted for each room (my venue had two separate rooms) and they came out exactly how I imagined it.

    Brian's mix of music was perfect and I honestly don't remember the dance floor not being empty. He was right when he said he reads the dance floor and plays music specifically on how people were dancing and moving. Brian has a great check list you submit before the wedding to make sure everything you want is played (or not played). It was Brian who put the cherry on top of my perfect day and I will continue to recommend him to everyone I know who is getting married. You seriously cannot go wrong by picking this guy to be a part of your big day!

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    Rea & Justin

    Vintage Villas

    Austin, TX

    Brian was our favorite vendor. From the beginning, he was very responsive, and would go out of his way to answer of our questions. The planning process can be stressful, and some vendors can add to that stress by being unresponsive or dismissing your concerns. Not Brian. He makes you feel like your wedding is just as important to him as it is to you. That's what made him such a joy to work with! We knew he had another weddings and events, but he always made us feel like a priority.

    Now let's talk about the music - Brian nailed it on the night of our reception! He did a great job of mixing some TOP 40 songs with old-school songs by Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, etc. All of our friends, young and old (the range was mid 20s to early 40s), were dancing and raving about our DJ. My parents, who were initially concerned that no one would dance, were too busy dancing with ALL of their friends. Even my 82-year-old grandmother was dancing! In fact, my husband and I enjoyed ourselves so much that we had a hard time leaving the dance floor to do anything else. I remember telling my husband that we should take some pictures in the photo booth but then Brian would play another great song and we'd be back on the dance floor once again (without the photo booth pictures).

    We also had Brian provide lighting for our event. Brian went to our venue THREE times to ensure that we were happy about the uplighting and the GOBO lighting. His first trip was approximately 6-7 months out from our wedding. Again, most vendors would have probably told us to wait a few more months. Not Brian. He went above and beyond to make sure that we liked the look of the dance floor, and that meant a lot to us. When we arrived at the venue, my bridesmaids couldn't wait to show me the dance floor because they thought it looked gorgeous! My MOH said, "When I first saw pictures, I thought it (dance floor) looked okay. But you have to see it now, it looks gorgeous!" I know that this was in large part due to Brian and his lighting.

    In short, book Brian for your wedding. Right. Now. Seriously, before someone else books him. He'll make sure you, your friends, and your family will have one heck of a party! THANK YOU BRIAN for everything!

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    Lauren & Nathan

    Lone Oak Barn

    Round Rock, TX

    One of the main goals of our wedding was to dance. We had the entire reception planned around making sure we had at least three hours on the dance floor. After reading all of Brian's reviews, we decided to go with him. From the get go, he was amazing! Very responsive and helpful. During the ceremony, Brian was present the entire time making sure the mics and speakers were working and the volume was adjusted. For the reception and dancing, we could not have asked for a better DJ. The dance floor was packed the entire time and he is absolutely phenomenal at reading the crowd. If he played a song and the dance floor started to thin out, he would immediately mix it out and get the crowd back in. I could not be more impressed and happy with him! Brian is professional, on top of it, and an amazing DJ!

    Brian, thank you so, so much for giving us the night of our dreams! From the moment we met I told you my goal was to dance all night and I did! The dance floor was crowded the entire time and we have heard nothing but amazing things about our DJ from the guests. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

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    Stefanie & Raony

    The Austin Club - Downtown Austin, TX

    Hands down, my favorite vendor from our wedding!

    Brian Weber was INCREDIBLE. He went above and beyond what I was expecting and was so easy to work with throughout the entire process. Brian is professional, talented, friendly and genuinely seems to care about his brides (which can be hard to find in some vendors) and he made everything so simple and perfect!

    I had a lot of crazy requests during our reception for Brian: wanting him to play with a live Saxophone player, wanting him to play international music, wanting a band to come in mid-way through the night-- and he managed to pull it all together in a way that was better than I could've even imagined.

    I wanted our guests to dance and party and I think Brian really listened to our preferences. I honestly do not think I have ever seen so many people dancing at the close of the wedding night, like they were at ours!

    Also, Brian helped light our entire ballroom. Complete with up-lighting and Gobo lights throughout, he was able to turn the space into an absolutely stunning ballroom. The pictures turned out so well, and I think it was in part of Brian's lighting work.

    Overall, Brian was the most helpful, patient, nice, talented and professional vendor I had. He has a true interest in DJ'ing and it shows in his work. I have no doubt that I will refer Brian to several of my friends and brides-to-be.

    Thanks again, Brian, for making our night the success that it was. Couldn't have done it without you! ​

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    Brittany & Ross

    Hummingbird House

    Austin, TX

    My main goal for my wedding was to have a busy dance floor. I read some of Brian's reviews on the Knot saying that he played great dance songs and that all the guests danced the whole time. The reviews did not lie. He had such a good feel for the audience and really knew how to draw everyone out to the dance floor.

    Before the wedding, Brian was available to answer all of my questions and followed up with a lot of his own questions to be sure that everything went exactly as we wanted. He did our ceremony music, as well as our reception music, and made announcements throughout the night at our request.

    I'm so glad he was available for our wedding. I would hire him again in a heart beat and will be recommending him to any friends who get married in the future.

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    Matthew & Misty

    Misty McLendon Photography


    I met Brian at a wedding I photographed and have since had the pleasure of not only working with him at several weddings now but also having him at mine. Brian was attentive, handles guest very well (I've seen many djs not open to request) he is so open to whatever comes his way, respectful, full of smiles and oh so friendly while rocking his job at the same time. Brian handled all aspects of music. From music needing to be in the front yard for our ceremony to quickly transitioning to the back yard for our back yard reception. We had an all out DIY back yard wedding so he was limited on resources as far as plugs etc but he arrived prepared and nailed every moment. I can HONESTLY say no one left our dance floor all night long. It was incredible and my feet were so sore the next day! It was a blast and he was a HUGE part of it. I adore Brian and his passion for music and seeing the music bring everyone to a whole new level of fun! If you're searching for a dj...look no further. I know a lot of people say that cliche line but I guarantee you will NOT be disappointed. We love you Brian!!!!

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    Scott Payne

    Preferred Officiant


    I have known Brian now for many years and I have to say he truly is one of the very best DJ's I know! As a Minister who officiates lots of weddings each and every year, I have had the honor of working with many DJ's and I have seen Brian, with his amazing skills make the crowd yell more with each passing song! He really knows how to keep the dance floor alive and hopping and also knows just when to put in a slow song or two to help people on the dance floor stay on the dance floor and not get too tired! If you want an epic night, Brian knows how to deliver!!! Brian is also a very friendly person and I know you will feel very comfortable with him as soon as you meet him! I have been to so many weddings with Brian that I truly could not count and he has ALWAYS been timely and professional in every way! Brian, I am honored to be your friend and I very much look forward to seeing you at many more weddings in the future because I know you will do your best to make each couples dreams come true in just the way they vision it to be!

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